Applicant:  City of Lakewood.

Proposed action:  The proposed action would amend Lakewood Municipal Code, Title 18A, Land Use and Development Code to either:  1) prohibit all medical and recreational marijuana uses, including medical marijuana dispensaries, collective gardens, cooperatives, individual or group cultivation of marijuana, and all marijuana production, processing, research, and retailing, including those marijuana businesses licensed by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board; or 2) establish a marijuana overlay zoning district whose purpose is to establish zoning regulations that provide for state licensed recreational and medical marijuana land uses consistent with state law under Title 69 RCW, and subject to requirements of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) Chapter 314-55, and adding additional local standards to address potential public health, safety and welfare considerations.  The second part may limit marijuana activity to retail sales only.    

Date, time and place of public hearing:  January 17, 2018, on or about 6:30 PM, Lakewood City Hall Council Chambers, 6000 Main Street SW, Lakewood, WA 98499.

Nature of proposed amendment:  The proposal would either outright ban marijuana activity within the city of Lakewood or allows limited retail sales of marijuana subject to local standards.       

Interested persons are invited to attend the public hearing and provide testimony. If you want to submit written comments you may do so at the public hearing, or you can submit written comments through the Lakewood Community and Economic Development Department.  The department’s address is Lakewood City Hall, Second Floor, 6000 Main Street SW, Lakewood, WA 98499.

Background information, including the application, environmental documentation, and other related materials are available for review by contacting the Lakewood Community and Economic Development Department. 

Contact person is David Bugher, Assistant City Manager for Development Services at the address above, or by telephone at (253)512-2261, or email at .

A copy of the staff report will be available for inspection at no cost at least five calendar days prior to the public hearing and copies will be provided at the cost of reproduction.