Here’s a roundup of items that the Lakewood City Council discussed at its Oct. 26, 2015 study session meeting :

  • Review of 2015 Comprehensive Plan amendments: The proposed 2015 Comprehensive Plan Amendment and Update package includes two cityinitiated comprehensive plan/ zoning map amendments, one privately initiated map amendment, and the 2015 Comprehensive Plan updates. They include:
    • Tower Road/Interlaaken Drive Zoning Map Amendment
    • Lakewood Racquet Club Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Map Amendment
    • Veterans/Gravelly Lake Drive amendment
  • Municipal Court update: Judge Grant Blinn gave a recap of the Court’s operations, a report that included efficiencies and cost-effectiveness measures thanks to video arraignment hearings, increased use of the Nisqually Jail and the incorporation of cases from the City of DuPont into the Court. Also, a new firm will assume public defender services in January 2016.
  • 3rd Quarter Police Report: Newly appointed Chief Mike Zaro gave a recap of his department’s operation over the last three months. He cited examples of how Lakewood investigators worked to locate and arrest a woman who was connected to multiple ID thefts in the region and how one Officer, Mike McGettigan, helped a man whom he pulled over get to St. Clare Hospital, as the man was having difficulty breathing and feeling numbness in his left arm. “His actions directly impacted the fact that I am alive today to tell about it,” the resident wrote.
  • Review of City of Fife jail agreement: Lakewood began contracting with the City of Fife in 2009 for jail services. It is recommended that the City of Fife will continue to provide jail services to the City of Lakewood as an alternative to other jail service options currently available to the City. The City of Fife offers jail services at a rate of $98.00 dollars per day per inmate.
  • Additional HOME Funds Request: The City is seeking to provide an additional $215,000 in HOME construction funding assistance and to reallocate grant and loan funding in support of Habitat for Humanity’s (HfH) construction of new affordable housing opportunities at 8901 Commercial Street SW.