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Entry Level Police Officer



We will open recruiting on 4/14/14


Recruiting Brochure

Summary of Benefits

Hiring Standards

Physical Test Standards

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Minimum Qualifications

  • US Citizen
  • 21 years of age at time of hire
  • High School graduate
  • No felony convictions as an adult
  • Valid WA driver’s license
  • No drug use after age 25 AND not within the past 5 years (3 years for marijuana)


Applications are submitted online through our Human Resources website. This is an entirely electronic process and the Entry Level Police Officer posting will open, to the first 300 applicants, on 4/14/14.


NOTE***  Your application will not be complete until it is submitted online AND we receive payment of the $35 application fee. This fee may be made in person at Lakewood City Hall or by phone. We will accept cash or credit cards (VISA or MasterCard only). Checks are not accepted. A Declaration of Indigence Form may be submitted in lieu of payment. You will be asked to provide your Person ID number from your online application in order to make payment.

Selection Process

The City of Lakewood is no longer using an outside vendor to conduct our selection process. We are now utilizing our own internal process. The recruitment, selection and hiring process of police officer candidates is comprehensive.

Candidates are required to pass:

  • a written test;
  • physical fitness test ;
  • an oral board;
  • medical and psychological checks;
  • and a polygraph exam;

Entry-Level recruits must first complete 720 hours of basic law enforcement training, at the Washington State Police Academy. Upon graduation from the academy, recruits undergo additional advanced training and work with a field training officer for the first few months.


Background Investigation

The background investigation is a crucial step in ensuring we hire people of the highest character and integrity to become our Police Officers. The investigation may consist of, but not limited to, the following elements:

  • Completion and submission of Personal History Questionnaire paperwork
  • Criminal History and driver’s records checks
  • Credit report check
  • Interviews with personal and professional references
  • Interviews and records check with current and past employers
  • Interviews with applicant’s spouse or significant other
  • Neighborhood checks and Home visit/interview
  • Polygraph examination and report
  • Medical physical examination and report