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City Clerk


The City Clerk serves as clerk of the City Council, designated public records officer, custodian of the official records of the City to provide accurate and timely information to meet the needs of City officials, the community and City departments. The City Clerk also serves as the agent of service for the City and is the custodian of the City Seal.

Open Government Training

State Law: Washington’s open government requirements are in state law. Open public records laws are at RCW 42.56. Open public meeting laws are at RCW 42.30 and RCW 42.32. These are Washington’s “sunshine laws.” In addition, records management and retention laws are RCW 40.14.

Training is Required: Effective July 1, 2014, the Open Government Training Act (ESB5964) requires many public officials and all agency records officers to receive the training.  Lakewood Citizens Advisory Boards, Committees and Commissions are also to receive this training as guided by the Office of the Attorney General .


An online training curriculum is available by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office at  

Online Training Curriculum.  The online video training curriculum is divided into four lessons.  The first three address open government: (1) Open Government Overviews and General Principles, (2) Open Public Records, and (3) Open Public Meetings.  Lesson (4) addresses Records Management and Retention.

Following completion of the training please fill-out the Training Certificate and submit it to the Lakewood City Clerk at or send it to Lakewood City Clerk, City of Lakewood, 6000 Main Street SW, Lakewood, WA  98499.  For further information or questions: (253) 983-7701.