City Launches “Traffic Tuesday” on Facebook

The weekly feature will answer the community's traffic questions

Have you ever wondered why certain traffic signals have those little blue lights? Are those cameras on top of traffic signals recording me? Am I supposed to stop if a school bus on the other side of the road is offloading kids?

The City of Lakewood knows people have traffic-related questions for which no one ever seems to give a specific answer. That’s why today, the City launched a new feature on its Facebook page called “Traffic Tuesday .”

The best part of this weekly feature? The community drives it. Ask a question, get an answer from the experts the Transportation Division of the Public Works Department. While some questions relate to stuff outside of our jurisdiction, we’ll do our best to get an answer, or at least point users in the right direction. For example, the first installment of “Traffic Tuesday” featured a user question about cameras at intersections.

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