Lakewood Officers Charity Distribute Holiday Meals

On Thursday, Lakewood Police and volunteers converged on Dower Elementary for a response that required speed, agility and coordination.

But this response wasn’t about crime. They were there because someone needed help, and this time of year, it’s the type of help some Lakewood families need the most.

Coordinated by the Lakewood Officers Charity, about 20 or so volunteers packed holiday meal bags for 150 families in the Lakewood area.

Led again by Officer Ryan Moody - something he has done the past 10 years now - they stuffed bags with everything from canned corn to stuffing to cranberry sauce. Parkland Market Place generously donated all of the food, something that inspired the Charity and that it greatly appreciated.

Amazingly, the goods were sorted, packed and ready for the families within 20 minutes. Afterward, while most of the officeers returned to their shifts or their days off, the families received their meals.

Kudos to the Lakewood Officers Charity for, once again, sacrificing to help others.