Potential Streetlight Replacement

Potential Streetlight Replacement Could Save Lakewood $250,000 Annually

  • WHAT: Lakewood City Council to discuss streetlight-replacement program
  • WHEN: 7 p.m., Monday, January 13
  • WHERE: Lakewood City Hall, 6000 Main Street SW

The City of Lakewood is looking into a streetlight-replacement project that could potentially end up saving almost $250,000 in annual energy and maintenance costs.

At Monday night’s study session, the Lakewood City Council is scheduled to get an update on the work of its Public Works Department, the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services and Renton-based Ameresco. They have been examining the feasibility of replacing more than 3,000 of the City’s streetlights with energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) streetlights.

A Department of Enterprises Services program allows a municipality such as Lakewood to easily enter into what’s known as an Energy Savings Performance Contract with an energy services company. The City of Lakewood chose Amaresco, which has worked with Olympia and Renton on similar LED streetlight replacement projects.

Amaresco is currently performing an audit on the City’s streetlight system, including determining current energy and maintenance costs, developing cost estimates for LED replacement, calculating potential savings and identifying potential grants and rebates.

Public Works Director Don Wickstrom said replacing the streetlights with LED lights will likely save the City money over many years. A successful streetlight-replacement project, he said, is one in which the energy and maintenance savings over 12 years will be able to pay for the project costs.

On Monday, Amaresco will provide some preliminary project costs and phasing. Public Works might also ask the Lakewood City Council at its regular meeting January 21 to approve a resolution to apply for a Department of Commerce grant. That grant could cover up to $500,000, or 25 percent of a streetlight project’s costs.