Lakewood Shows Support For Jermaine Kearse, Seahawks

Passers-by to Lakewood City Hall might have noticed that the City’s headquarters is sporting some blue-and-green swag.

To show its support for the Seattle Seahawks, the City of Lakewood is flying a 12th Man flag. It also posted a special message on its third floor window to support Seahawks wide receiver and Lakewood native Jermaine Kearse, who grew up in Lakewood and attended school in the Clover Park School District.

The City first Tweeted a photo of Kearse’s message Wednesday night, and since then it has been “Favorited” 52 times and “Retweeted” 26 times, including by the player himself.

“When you’re the hometown of a key player on a team that’s on the cusp of winning it all, there’s plenty of reason to boast,” said Brent Champaco, Communications Manager for the City of Lakewood. “Jermaine is a local guy who attended our schools and succeeded in our community. He’s succeeding on a much bigger stage now, but you can tell he doesn’t forget his roots.”

“He’s such a great role model for Lakewood. We all look up to him. We’re all so proud of him.”