Lakewood to Recognize Vietnam Veterans - Mayor to proclaim April as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Month"

LAKEWOOD, WA - During the next regular council meeting on April 5th at 7pm at City Hall, Lakewood Mayor Doug Richardson will proclaim April 2010 as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Month."

Many cities and states are belatedly recognizing the sacrifices and countless contributions of our Vietnam Veterans with a recognition day toward the end of March. The United States Senate recently and unanimously passed a resolution declaring today, March 30th, 2010 as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day."

The City of Lakewood chose to honor Vietnam Veterans during the entire month of April in light of the large veteran population in Lakewood. The last U.S. service-members departed Vietnam 35 years ago on April 30, 1975 when the American Embassy was finally vacated.

Mayor Richardson remarked that "we've done a good job welcoming our military home from Iraq and Afghanistan. Many Americans recognize that those who served in Vietnam never received that same recognition or gratitude." Richardson further pointed out that many of Lakewood's founding citizens such as the late Colonel Gerald Auger, the late Colonel Bill Kittrell, Mayor Emeritus Bill Harrison, Lakewood's first mayor and a retired lieutenant general, and many others were Vietnam veterans. "Despite some stereo-typing, these citizens epitomize the typical Vietnam veteran - people who came home from that war changed but still committed to raising families, serving their communities, and moving the nation forward. We have the best military in the world today because of our Vietnam veterans."

All Vietnam veterans and friends of Vietnam veterans from Lakewood and beyond are encouraged to attend the Council meeting on April 5th. Refreshments will be served after the proclamation is presented.