Woodbrook Business Park Development Report

By creating an industrially zoned area at the time its comprehensive plan (2000) and zoning (2001) were adopted, the City stimulated extension of the sewer system in a way that will ultimately lead to job creation for Woodbrook. This economic development potential was instrumental in gaining funding for the sewer project. Twenty of the 117 industrially zoned acres have already been acquired for redevelopment by a single owner. At the same time, any new industrial development might be sporadic and haphazard without a more thorough look at the area’s needs. In 2008, the Port of Tacoma partnered with the City of Lakewood to fund a study of Woodbrook’s redevelopment potential.

The resulting Woodbrook Business Park Development Report contains in-depth information on current conditions, infrastructure, property holdings, and land uses and values based on the work of planners; economists; and public relations, environmental, and engineering professionals. It also suggests an array of improvements to facilitate industrial redevelopment of the area, including wider roads, street trees, and sidewalks to improve safety by accommodating both truck and pedestrian travel; future additional sewer extension; and fencing and landscaping between industrial uses and adjacent residentially zoned areas. Additionally, the report discusses offsets in affordable housing, potential relocation of Woodbrook Middle School, and the relationship to the planned Cross-Base Highway project.

For more information, contact Deborah Johnson at (253) 512-2261 or e-mail djohnson@cityoflakewood.us .