Lakefront Street Ends Public Process

The City of Lakewood is hosting a series of community meetings to develop a formal lakefront street ends policy.

The City retained a local firm, Merritt Architecture, to assist with facilitating the public process. James Merritt is a highly respected local architect who facilitated the very successful Fort Steilacoom Park master planning process. Mr. Merritt will support the City in this endeavor until a policy is adopted.

The City's informational briefing from the meeting is available below (see link).

The City Council will be asked to adopt a formal street ends policy that addresses street ends on a case-by-case basis, respects property rights and addresses the public's desire for lakefront access where appropriate. The City's Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB) will take the lead in the planning and shape the policy proposal before it reaches the Planning Advisory Board and the City Council for final consideration.

The current planning schedule is specified below. Meetings for February and beyond will likely be scheduled in early 2008.

All meetings will start at 6pm in the City's Council Chambers at 6000 Main Street SW.

November 27th- Define constraints and opportunities for each street end; develop criteria

December 11th - Conduct site review of street ends on American Lake, Gravelly Lake, and Lake Louise (that is, judge each street end based on criteria developed on Nov 27th)

January 23nd - Conduct site review of street ends on Steilacoom Lake

If you want to submit comments, please call Jeff Brewster at 589-2489 or, preferably, email your comments to . The timelines below are tentative and are likely to change.