City of Lakewood Completes Sewer System Extension

City of Lakewood Completes $18 Million Sewer System Extension In Tillicum and Woodbrook Neighborhoods. (Press Release - Sewer Completion 10-17-11.doc

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October 17, 2011 Mike Savage
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Sewer is a major milestone for the City and community

LAKEWOOD, WA – The City of Lakewood has completed an $18 million sewer extension project in the Tillicum and Woodbrook Neighborhoods. The project started in 2005, and was named a top priority by City leaders upon incorporation and has remained a top priority with the current Council. City leadership has been committed to provide the necessary infrastructure for those neighborhoods to provide the platform for economic revitalization. “While we are proud of our Public Works team in leading the completion of such a massive project, we are more excited about the opportunities for growth the sewer system represents for the residents and businesses in Tillicum and   Woodbrook stated City Manager Andrew Neiditz.

Public Works Director Don Wickstrom said the sewer system will improve the neighborhoods in several tangible ways. “The system will improve overall water quality and public health, protect property values threatened by failing septic systems and allow businesses to expand and properties to redevelop.” McDonald’s was one of the first businesses to take advantage of the new sewer system, expanding its restaurant to more effectively meet the consumer demand of the neighborhoods. On the residential side, Habitat for Humanity in cooperation with the City of Lakewood plans to construct approximately 30 new homes in Tillicum that will be connected to the sewer.

Letters describing the sewer hook-up process are currently being mailed to property owners. While Lakewood managed the construction of the new sewer system, the system has been approved and turned over to Pierce County for operation and maintenance.

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