RFP/RFQ for Hearing Examiner Services



The City of Lakewood is currently soliciting proposals from qualified individuals to serve as hearing examiner for the city. The City of Lakewood has a population of approximately 58,500, and uses the council-city manager form of government. The city estimates that there will be approximately 10-15 projects requiring hearing examiner adjudication in a given year.

The hearing examiner conducts public hearings and acts in a decision making role, applying zoning and regulatory ordinances to land development projects. The hearing examiner is also authorized to act on other administrative and quasi-judicial matters as provided in the Lakewood Municipal Code.

The hearing examiner is appointed by the city manager, subject to conformation by the city council, and serves for a term of two years. The hearing examiner is appointed solely on the basis of qualifications for the duties of the office with special reference to training, actual experience in, and knowledge of administrative or quasi-judicial hearings, and zoning, subdivision and other land use regulations.

After screening the proposals, interviews will be held with those individuals whose proposals appear to best meet the needs of the city. After candidate interviews the city manager will request the city council authorize the execution of one or more hearing examiner contracts. The city will negotiate compensation with the successful applicant(s). Because the city needs to maintain flexibility to provide hearing examiner services in the event of a conflict of interest, any contract will be non-exclusive.

Proposals should be presented in a format which includes the specific information listed below, and may also include any information which the applicant believes will be helpful to the City in making an informed decision about their qualifications and capabilities.

In order for the City to make an informed decision regarding an applicant’s qualifications and proposal, please provide the following information:

1. Describe your experience in providing hearing examiner services in the State of Washington, including the number of years experience, jurisdictions in which these services were provided, and your monthly average caseload.
2. Please note your ability to appear for day and evening hearings at the Lakewood City Hall.
3. Please provide a specific proposed fee agreement for the services provided to the City on a time and materials basis.
4. Please provide any other relevant information as appropriate.

The City of Lakewood is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Any qualified applicant is encouraged to apply. Proposals must be received in the Office of the City Clerk, 6000 Main Street SW, Lakewood, WA 98499-5027, by Friday, October 28, 2011 at 5:00 PM. Please provide the City with three (3) copies of the Statement of Qualifications and proposal to provide services.