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Seahawks Jermaine Kearse to Visit Lakewood Verizon Wireless Store on Tuesday

Bowl hero and Lakewood native Jermaine Kearse will be appearing at the newly renovated and expanded Verizon Wireless store in Lakewood, Wash.

The store was recently redesigned to bring the future of retailing to life with new, cutting-edge connected devices for mobile, auto, home, health and fitness to help customers experience a “connected life.” The new, larger “smart design” Lakewood Verizon Wireless retail location contains space dedicated to teaching consumers wireless basics, solving problems and Wireless Workshops.

Verizon is excited to invite media, friends and neighbors to see the store and meet Jermaine Kearse.


Remodeled, Expanded Verizon Smart Store Grand Opening featuring autographs and photos with Seahawk Jermaine Kearse.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014 from 5 p.m. – 6 p.m.


Verizon Wireless Lakewood Store
5700 100th Street SW
Lakewood, WA 98499

Police To Hold Blood, Bone Marrow Drive March 17

Have you heard about Tyler Seddon? Lakewood Police did and we’re busy signing cards here at the station. We invite our fellow first responders such as West Pierce Fire & Rescue and the surrounding area Police Departments and Fire Departments to join us in making sure this little guy’s birthday wish far exceeds his hope!

Tyler’s story also reminded us that there is a very real, and great, need for bone marrow donors all across the country, including right here in Washington State. Since we can’t make it to Rhode Island, the Lakewood Police Department will be hosting a blood and bone marrow drive to find a match for Tyler, and hopefully others, as well.

Please join us here at the Lakewood Police Department, 9401 Lakewood Dr. SW, on Monday, March 17, from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Questions about the Blood/Bone Marrow Drive on March 17th? Please contact Joanna Nichols at or (253) 830-5004.

For questions regarding blood and/or bone marrow donation, please contact the Puget Sound Blood Center at (206) 292-2543, 800-DONATE-1 ext. 2543 or visit their website at .

Barn Material Is State's Decision

Over the past 24 hours, the City of Lakewood has received several inquiries about the future of the Fort Steilacoom Park barn that collapsed overnight during Wednesday’s wind storm.

Specifically, groups are asking about the barn’s wood and other material – now in a pile and cordoned off from park users.

Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director Mary Dodsworth, says that Lakewood has contacted the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services, as well as the Office of Historic Preservation.

The state leases the 340-acre park to the City of Lakewood. It also owns the barn material and will make the initial decisions regarding how to reuse or salvage the material for historical purposes. Once the state determines its course, the City will decide how it could use, remove, sell, donate, surplus or take other action with the material.

“We’ll work to keep the community informed about our options and how it could possibly participate,” Dodsworth said. “Citizens should check out our website , Facebook page and Twitter feed for the latest updates. We will definitely keep them posted.”

The collapsed barn – located east of Waughop Lake – was the most fragile of the park’s historic barns and wasn’t being used for storage or any other purpose.

No one was hurt when it collapsed. The City erected temporary fencing around the fallen barn. We ask for park visitors to use care and caution around this partly demolished structure. According to Lakewood Municipal Code 08.76.450, it is illegal to damage or remove public property from the park.

City Council Adopts News Rules For Smoking in Parks

The Lakewood City Council adopted new rules Tuesday night that limit where users can smoke in City parks.

The City Council voted to ban smoking within 50 feet of specific areas where people gather, including:

  • Playgrounds
  • Restrooms
  • Picnic shelters
  • Swimming beaches
  • Athletic fields or spectator areas during events and concession areas

The City Council also opted not to change the code to allow alcohol in the parks during community events.

The amendments to the City’s parks code comes after public feedback and lengthy deliberations by the City Council.

The City of Lakewood owns or manages 12 parks, including the historic, 340-acre Fort Steilacoom Park, which plays host to regional sporting events and community festivals and offers a popular off-leash dog park.

Winds Knock Down Aging Barn at Fort Steilacoom Park

Overnight winds knocked down an unused, aging barn at Fort Steilacoom Park, one that has likely stood for more than a century.

The barn – located east of Waughop Lake – was the most fragile of the park’s historic barns and wasn’t being used for storage or any other purpose, according to Parks, Recreation and Community Services Director Mary Dodsworth.

It is also located on the edge of the park’s historic barn area and will not impact any current use or operation at the state-owned park, she said.

No one was hurt when the barn collapsed overnight. The City of Lakewood – which this month assumed control of the lease of the 340-acre Fort Steilacoom Park from the State of Washington – erected temporary fencing around the fallen barn and is planning to remove the barn material from the park.

The City is asking any park visitors to use care and caution near this area.

The City will work with Department of Social and Health Services to determine if any of the material should be retained for historical significance.

Dodsworth said the barn was built on a cement slab, which will be retained for future use.