Public Hearing - Prop 1. Opposition

Notice of Public Hearing - Prop 1. Opposition

Subject: The Lakewood City Council will conduct a Public Hearing to consider a Resolution expressing opposition to the City of Tacoma’s Position 1 ballot measure. If passed, the ballot measure would levy a 2% earnings tax on natural gas, electric and phone companies for the sole purpose of funding basic Tacoma-wide neighborhood street improvements and safety upgrades. Utility companies may choose to pass this cost increase on to their customers through their rates, though the Tacoma City Council would have to approve any Tacoma Power rate change.

The Lakewood City Council is opposed to any action which results in Lakewood residents paying an increased Tacoma utility tax to repair Tacoma streets, without the affirmative vote of a majority of Lakewood residents.

Place of Meeting, Date, & Time:

October 21, 2013 7:00 PM.

Lakewood City Hall Council Chambers

6000 Main Street SW, Lakewood, Washington 98499

Written comments may be submitted to the City Clerk at the address listed below or emailed to :

Alice M. Bush, MMC
City of Lakewood
6000 Main Street SW
Lakewood, WA 98498