Clearing Drains of Leaves Helps Prevent Neighborhood Flooding

Pumpkins. Sweaters. Football. It must be fall.

But this time of year also means that leaves are falling to the ground. If not maintained properly, those leaves can cause neighborhood flooding and other problems.

The City of Lakewood asks that you help prevent flooding in your neighborhood by clearing leaves and other debris from the storm drains and ditches near your home. Our maintenance crews do their best to keep the city’s many drains clean, but it’s nearly impossible to clear off all of those fallen leaves before the rain starts.

You can help out by doing a little fall cleaning of your own. By using a shovel, rake or brush-broom to clear away the leaves and debris, you can quickly solve the problem. Bag your yard waste or put the yard waste in your yard waste container, as it is better for the environment and potentially less expensive for you. Voila! That’s it.

Also, the City ramps up its street-sweeping operations around this time each year. We have identified 10 areas throughout Lakewood as “High Organic Debris Areas.” Beginning this month and continuing through January, the streets in those areas are swept every other week. The goal of this emphasis is to clean up leaf litter and other debris before it enters and clogs the storm drainage system.

For the map illustrating the streets that are swept, including the ramped-up areas between October and January, click on the following link and, under “Related Documents,” click on “Street Sweeping Routes”: /government/departments/public-works/operations-and-maintenance-division

For more information, contact the city’s Public Works Department at (253) 983-7795.

Thanks for your help!