Lakewood Residents Have Options For Yard Waste Disposal

So you know not to sweep your fallen leaves into the streets and drains.

But the next question: How do I get rid of my yard waste?

There are options for Lakewood residents. You can sign up through Lemay/Pierce County Refuse for yard waste services and receive a 95-gallon tote to keep during the season. The cost is $7.25 per month and pick-up at your home is every other week, just like your regular recycling.

Contact LeMay at (253) 588-1705 and press "6" for customer service questions.

If you want to dispose of organic debris and yard waste on your own for free, you can fill a truck bed or bag it up, then drive it to the Pierce County Landfill at Hidden Valley Transfer Station, 17925 Meridian Ave. E, Puyallup. It can be reached at (253) 847-7555. Reminder: If you bring bagged leaves, you will have to empty the bags and dispose of only the leaves!

Again, please do not sweep yard waste into the streets, where the leaves will likely clog storm drains and cause flooding on busy streets.

Thanks for the help!