City of Lakewood Adopts Legislative Policy Manual, Agenda

The Lakewood City Council has always made clear what it hopes to get out of every Legislative session.

Now, the City has a roadmap to determine exactly what it supports, opposes and why.

This week, the Lakewood City Council unanimously adopted the City’s first Legislative Policy Manual , which will serve as a framework for the City in developing a legislative agenda and evaluating legislative policy. It focuses heavily on City Council priorities.

(The manual is available online here: /government/city-council/legislative-policy-manual )

The policy manual emphasizes the City of Lakewood’s stance on everything from congestion relieve in the I-5 Joint Base Lewis-McChord Corridor to traffic cameras to public records and open meetings:

Community, Economic Development, Transportation and Infrastructure

  • I-5 JBLM Corridor
  • South Sound Military & Communities Partnership & Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  • Economic Development Tools
  • Boundary Review Board
  • Local Authority for Land Use and Planning
  • Public Works Trust Fund
  • Parks, Recreation & Urban Forestry
  • Local Transportation Funding
  • State Route 167/State Route 509 Puget Sound Gateway Project


  • State-Shared Revenues
  • General Fund Revenue
  • Unfunded Mandates & Other State & Federal Budget Impacts

Public Safety

  • Authority to Appoint Municipal Court Judges
  • Traffic Enforcement Cameras
  • Jail and Court Costs

General Government

  • Public Records & Open Meetings

The City Council also adopted the 2013-14 Biennial Legislative Agenda, which contains the following four items:

  • Transportation Funding: I-5 JBLM Corridor Improvements (If not adopted in 2013): Lakewood requests that the state adopt a transportation revenue package that includes full funding for improvements to the Joint Base Lewis-McChord I-5 Corridor (I-5 Mounts Road Interchange on the south to I-5 Bridgeport Interchange on the north) to relieve congestion and allow for the future economic development of the City of Lakewood and the surrounding communities. The City also requests that a transportation revenue package include a direct distribution of funding to cities for local street maintenance and operations.
  • Capital Funding Request: Towne Green: Lakewood request $500,000 in capital funding to foster a sense of community and spur economic development in the Lakewood Towne Center. With state and local funds, the City plans to construct a town green in an area of Lakewood Towne Center to attract a greater number of people into the Towne Center.
  • Mitigation Funding Request: Point Defiance Bypass: The Point Defiance Bypass Project proposes routing passenger trains through South Tacoma, Lakewood and DuPont at the cost of $89 million. When completed, the project will bring a total of seven daily round trip passenger trains through Lakewood intersections, with an average crossing time of 7 seconds per intersection, 45 seconds total with guard rails and a maximum speed of 79 mph. This routing bifurcates the community and negatively affects residents and businesses by generating additional traffic congestions, increased noise and vibrations and an impact on economic development. The City requests that a portion of the $89 million allocated to WSDOT Rail for the project be allocated to projects that mitigate theses negative impacts on Lakewood residents and businesses.
  • Maintain Funding for the Western State Hospital Community Policing Program: The 2013-15 State Operating Budget contains $462,000 for a highly effective neighborhood policing team (through LPD) to respond to hundreds of calls for police service at Western State Hospital. The City of Lakewood requests that this funding remain included in the budget, and that it be re-appropriated in the 2015-17 Operating Budget.