Winter’s Here. Are You Ready For It?

Temperatures are dropping, roads are icy and snow is a real possibility.

The City of Lakewood wants to remind residents to be prepared during extreme wintery conditions this year. Whether it’s at home or on the road, ice and snow can catch anyone off guard.

Download High Resolution Snow and Ice Response Map

Conditions could get treacherous this year if a major snow or ice storm hits Lakewood. The City will prioritize the most-traveled roads first in terms of its de-icing efforts, including Bridgeport Way, Steilacoom Boulevard and Gravelly Lake Drive. For a map of the City’s Snow and Ice Response Priorities, visit: http://goo.gl/6F3orN .

Residents can prepare for a snow emergency themselves by stocking up on:

  • Food
  • Warm clothes and blankets
  • Flares
  • Flashlights
  • Extra batteries

It’s also a great idea to keep a cell phone handy.

During extreme conditions, the best tip, according to the Lakewood Police Department, is to stay off the roads if you don’t have to drive. However, if residents are going to get behind the wheel, here are a few tips:

  • Allow yourself plenty of time to reach your destination
  • Give yourself plenty of driving distance between your car and the one in front of you
  • Make sure your tires, wiper blades and brakes are working properly, and fill up on windshield washer fluid
  • Consider using studded tires or carry tire chains
  • Keep a full tank of gas in case you’re stranded and need to run the heater in your car, as well as have a good car battery
  • Carry a folding shovel and bag of kitty litter for traction if you get stuck. Have snacks, water, blanket and cell phone available.
  • Do not abandon your vehicle unless directed by law enforcement, or if the vehicle is legally parked off the roadway and the driver/passengers have a ride from someone else.

Did You Know?

The City's fleet of vehicles that can help with snow and ice removal consists of:

  • Two, 5-yard dump trucks with plows and salt spreaders
  • One F-350 pickup truck with plow and salt spreader
  • One F-550 pickup with plow and salt spreader
  • One F-250 pickup with salt spreader
  • One F-450 pickup with 500-gallon brine spreader system
  • Three portable brine tote system spreaders (which can be mounted on various City trucks)
  • 18 backup totes (275 gallons each) are available for local brine storage