Statement on Anniversary of Lakewood's Fallen Four

The Lakewood Police Department  issued the following statement regarding the four-year anniversary of the loss of our four Lakewood Police Officers:

Friday, November 29th, marks the 4th anniversary of the loss of Sergeant Mark Renninger, Officer Tina Griswold, Officer Greg Richards, and Officer Ronnie Owens. With this date comes memories of our fallen friends, the lives they led, and the sadness their loss brought. However, as we reflect upon our loss we also stand tall with pride in our resiliency as a family, a Police Department, and a community. We owe it to our fallen to grow, be stronger, and be better in the face of adversity. We have done that with the support of our families and communities and we will be forever grateful for that support. From everyone at the Lakewood Police Department, we offer a sincere “Thank You” for the unending support that has helped us to not only survive this tragedy, but to move forward with a determination to never forget and a renewed commitment to making a difference in the lives of those we encounter every day.