Ugly Christmas Sweater Photo Contest

It’s that time of year.

Holly, you ask? No.

Carols? Not really.

Grandpa’s unusually strong eggnog? Close, but no.

What we’re talking about is the time-honored tradition of ugly Christmas sweaters! That’s right, whether it’s a bedazzled moose head across your abdomen or a 40-watt Christmas tree made of rash-inducing wool, everyone loves ugly Christmas sweaters. And by everyone, we mean only those who own an ugly Christmas sweater.

In fact, Friday is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, when millions across the U.S. will celebrate these horribly-tacky-but-tacky-in-a-cool-retro-sort-of-way fabrics of Americana.

To pay homage to this time-honored tradition, the City of Lakewood is introducing its first Ugly Christmas Sweater Photo Contest!

Here’s how it works: Take a picture of yourself or your family in your favorite ugly Christmas sweaters and submit the photo to the City. There are a couple of ways you can share the photo:

  1. Post it to the City’s Facebook page or send us a message
  2. Send us a message via Twitter @CityofLakewood
  3. Share it via Instagram @cityoflakewoodwa
  4. E-mail

*Be sure to include your name and the title of your sweater

On Friday – in celebration of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day – we’ll ask our social media users to vote for their favorite! The winners will get something out of the City’s ugly Christmas sweater prize bin, which currently contains unopened bags of coffee and a mug, a beginning canning kit, a child-sized t-shirt from this month’s Jingle Bell Rock 5K and a beach ball.

As awesome as those items sound, the true crown is showing off to friends and family that you own the title of Lakewood’s Best Ugly Christmas Sweater.

So c’mon, Lakewood! Be proud. Be loud. Be unabashedly unashamed of those ugly Christmas sweaters!