Lakewood Saw Crime Drop in 2013

Year-end crime statistics from 2013 show an overall dip of 8 percent in the City of Lakewood, a direct result of the work of its Police Department and indication that the community continues to be a safe place to live.

“We continue to work hand-in-hand with citizens and the business community to make Lakewood a better, safer place,” Police Chief Bret Farrar said. “It’s something we’ve done for the better part of a decade, now.”

The City saw nearly a 7-percent drop in person crimes – including a 5-percent drop in total assaults - as well as a 9-percent drop in property crimes. The latter includes double-digit reductions, percentage-wise, in burglaries and robberies.

The results, which are compiled by the National Incident-Based Reporting System, also show the Police Department responded to incidents quicker. In 2013, the average amount of time it took to respond to calls for service was down across the board, including a reduction of more than 2 minutes for “Priority 3” calls, which account for a majority of calls received.

More statistics: Lakewood responded to 100 fewer traffic accidents in 2013 than the prior year – a drop of 10 percent and a testament to the effectiveness of the City’s photo enforcement program. Police also had to make 269 fewer traffic stops from the previous year, a dip of almost 20 percent.

City Manager John Caulfield attributed much of the reduction to the work of the Police Department, which is celebrating its 10th year in 2014.

“They work efficiently and effectively,” he said, “and their efforts are continually making Lakewood a safe place to live and a great place to live.”