Christine Badger Joins Oso Mudslide Recovery Effort

West Pierce Fire & Rescue’s Emergency Management Coordinator, Christine Badger, has been deployed to the Oso/SR 530 mudslide in Snohomish County to assist in the recovery effort.

Christine has worked for West Pierce Fire & Rescue since 2011, as part of a cooperative emergency management program between West Pierce Fire & Rescue and the City of Lakewood. This position is primarily grant-funded, and the costs are shared between the City and the Fire District. Prior to her arrival at West Pierce Fire & Rescue, Christine had many years of experience in Snohomish County, working for both the County and the City of Arlington. She was specifically asked to help with this event because she was the incident commander for the 2006 slide in the same area. For this incident, she is initially attached to Fire Chief Travis Hotts as his assistant.

This joint emergency management program has been highly successful, improving the ability of West Pierce Fire & Rescue and the City of Lakewood to prepare for, respond to and recover from major disasters such as the Oso Mudslide. Christine has coordinated several drills in Lakewood that have given members of many different community organizations the opportunity to work with each other prior to an incident occurring. She has also worked to identify resources in Lakewood which can be utilized in response and recovery efforts should such as disaster occur in our community.

Shortly after the incident command center was established, a request was made for Christine to assist in the emergency management operations. She is expected to be on site throughout the recovery efforts.

According to Lakewood City Manager John Caulfield, “We feel fortunate to have Christine’s expertise here in our community, and we are very glad she is able to provide assistance to the recovery efforts in Oso.”