American Lake Park Hosts Two Weekend Water Events

There are two aquatic events happening April 26-27 at American Lake Park:

Kayak training event

On April 26-27, about 50 participants (30 trainees and 20 trainers all in kayaks) use the beach area for pre-water entry training. They then move into the water for further training. A number of the participants are seniors. The City pulls the swimming rope back to the side of the swimming area so there is no impediment to smooth water. It also unlocks the gate between the launch area and the swimming area so attendees are able to carry their kayaks from the launch area to the event area in the park. The event has been annually at this site for the past several years,

Cast Mater Bass Fishing Club

On April 27, the Cast Master Bass Fishing Club is conducting a tournament arranged through the WA State Fish and Wildlife Department and launching from the American Lake Park Boat Launch facility – about 20-30 large bass boats involved in the tournament and participants have been directly invited to fish in this event.