Mayor Speaks To Pierce College Students For 'Pizza & Politics'

As part of its Civics Week festivities, Pierce College welcomed Lakewood Mayor Don Anderson on Tuesday for an intimate presentation that was appropriately titled “Pizza & Politics.”

During his chat with some 60 students, the Mayor spoke specifically about the importance of volunteerism and becoming involved in one's community. For students who are attending Pierce College and aiming to build their educational and professional foundation, Anderson's words grabbed their attention and wouldn't let go.

“I heard a lot of inspiring things,” said Christopher Johnston, a music student and Student Government Committee Senator. “He touched on civic engagement. With me, being part of the student government, it really felt good to hear about that and hear that I’m on the right track.”

“I’d like to be a Mayor one day,” added Johnston, a Spanaway resident.

It also didn't hurt that there was free pizza, which was provided by Pierce College. With melting, greasy goodness in their hands, the students fixated on Mayor Anderson, who shared some of his experiences as a volunteer, elected official, athlete and other roles.

Mayor Anderson left the students with the following message regarding his motto when it comes to volunteerism: “Pick up more than you dropped.”

As students and future leaders, these students found the comments great words to live by. #IamLakewood