Police Arrest Suspect For Stolen Firearms, 2006 Rape

Investigators in the Lakewood Police Department’s Special Operations Unit began an investigation into a subject named Michael Reid for trafficking in narcotics and possession of firearms. At the beginning of the investigation, it was discovered that Reid was in possession of a large number of firearms and was a convicted felon.

On June 6, 2014, the Special Operations Unit served a search warrant related to the case on an address in the 1100 block of 96th Street South. Drugs were recovered in that search, along with two firearms. One of the firearms was stolen from a reported home invasion robbery. As a result of that initial search, information was obtained that indicated more firearms were being stored at a house in the 11200 block of Clover Park Drive SW.

Investigators then served a search warrant at the address on Clover Park Drive and recovered 10 more (one was stolen) firearms. Four assault rifles were recovered along with a large quantity of ammunition. Some body armor and a ballistic helmet were also recovered. In addition to Reid, two other subjects were taken into custody. One subject was taken into custody for interfering with the SWAT team and the other subject was arrested at the Clover Park Drive address for being a 9 time felon in possession of a firearm.

During the investigation into Reid, LPD Investigators were contacted by the authorities in Louisville, KY. Reid was a suspect in a 2006 rape of a 13-year-old female that occurred behind a school. Reid was armed with a shotgun that he discharged during the attack. Louisville PD sent the case to the LPD Investigators and asked that we interview him about the rape, since they had received a hit on his DNA from the crime scene evidence. LPD Investigators interviewed Reid about the rape and he confessed to the crime.