Finance Division Now Offers Wealth Of Budget Information Online

If you’ve noticed more information on the City of Lakewood’s Finance Division webpage lately, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.

As part of the City’s mission to operate transparently with citizens, the Finance Division has worked the past year to create a one-stop shop for budget and finance-related material.

On the Finance Division page , visitors could already find the City’s biennial budget documents. Now, they can find detailed budget adjustment information, financial reports and breakdowns on taxes and fees. In each of those documents is a wealth of information on the City’s finances.

“We in the Finance Division are committed to being as open with the public as possible,” said Assistant City Manager for Finance & Administrative Services/Finance Director Tho Kraus. “By putting our financial documents online, users have a chance to see, directly, the numbers and figures that make their City run.”

The best part, Kraus says, is that this is only the beginning. Residents should expect to see more detail and narrative in the budget document itself that give meaning behind the numbers and are easy to understand, starting with the City’s 2015-16 Biennial Budget. The City is currently producing that budget, which is expected to go to the Lakewood City Council for its approval in the fall. The Preliminary Budget, as well as the Final Budget, will be available online once ready.

“We want to give people the resources and tools they need to make informed decisions,” Kraus said.