City Posts Draft Six-Year TIP

The City of Lakewood has posted a draft of its Six-Year Comprehensive Transportation Improvement (TIP) Program: http://goo.gl/x1zXzN .

State law requires the City to update the plan annually, as the plan is necessary for cities and counties to obtain State and Federal funding.

The TIP program is based on anticipated revenues versus desirable projects. There are always more projects than revenue, so the program’s primary objective is to produce a comprehensive, realistic program for the development and preservation of the City of Lakewood’s street system. The plan is consistent with the Growth Management Act (GMA), and the projects are funded with City, State and Federal monies.

A public hearing on the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, July 7, at the Lakewood City Council meeting. The meeting takes place at Lakewood City Hall, inside the City Council Chambers, 6000 Main St. SW.

If you have comments or questions, contact the Transportation Division of the City of Lakewood Public Works Department, (253) 983-7795 or .