Ten Reasons Why You Should Attend Lakewood SummerFEST

On Saturday, July 12, Lakewood SummerFEST – the community’s largest and most activity packed celebration of the year – takes place at Fort Steilacoom Park. It begins early with the annual Lakewood Triathlon, and it simply gets better throughout the day with music, vendors, entertainment, fun for the kids and outdoor movie. A full schedule of events and offerings is listed here .

But in case you’re still not convinced, here are 10 reasons why you should attend Lakewood SummerFEST this Saturday.

1) The weather looks to be gorgeous

You know when locals say the Pacific Northwest is the most beautiful place in the summertime? You’ll see why Saturday. The National Weather Service is forecasting sunny skies and high temperatures around 90 degrees. What better way to enjoy it than at an outdoor community festival?

2) The Lakewood Triathlon rocks

Where else can you watch a triathlon before eating a hotdog, enjoying a beer (if you’re old enough, of course) and watching a movie in the South Sound? Nowhere, really. Best part is you can sit back, relax and watch others do all the hard work.

3) An all-day Soccer Tournament

Did your favorite team suffer an exit at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil? No problem. The Lakewood SummerFEST tournament is like watching your own version of the Cup. And with the aforementioned high temps, it will feel just like Brazil. Samba, anyone?

4) This year’s Movie at Dusk is ‘Jurassic Park’

Two words: Dinosaurs rock. Enough said.

5) First-ever SummerFEST Beer Garden

For those 21 and older, this is like a grown-up version of our Kidz Zone (see No. 7) but the air is used on beer kegs instead of bouncy castles.

6) Classic Car Show

In what has become a staple of the festival, the Partners for Parks Car Show is simply awesome. Make no mistake - this is an intense competition. Trophies are involved, and when trophies are involved, you know it’s serious.

7) For $5, the kids can enter the 'Kidz Zone'

After you’ve loaded the kids up on cupcakes and sugary snacks from our food court, bring them over to our $5 Kidz Zone! They'll use up all their energy on the climbing wall and bounce house, then they should sleep soundly on the car ride home. You're welcome, parents.

8) Not one, but two live stages

They say two things are better than one. Well, whoever “they” are, they’re right. This year, we have a pair of live entertainment stages featuring everything from tropical Latin to 80s music. Are you ready to walk like an Egyptian before spinning right ‘round, baby, right ‘round, like a record baby … Ok, we’ll stop.

9) Are you strong? Come get “Army Strong”

All day Saturday, the “Army Strong” crew will have free activities for kids of all ages (No joke. Even for the spry, 98 year olds) Test your strength and earn those bragging rights – then you won’t feel bad about consuming greasy goodness at the food court.

10) The Safety Fair

West Pierce Fire and Rescue and the Lakewood Police Department have taken the lead on this year's safety fair, which offers great information and resources. We’re willing to bet that if you ask nicely, you just might get to push some buttons in the cop car.

11) This is Lakewood’s signature celebration

Ok,we fibbed a tad when we said 10 reasons, but this is really important. The folks at City Hall are always excited about SummerFEST. Not only is it a way to showcase the beauty that is Lakewood, but it’s a great way to reconnect with old friends, make new ones and celebrate the fact our community is the best around.

We hope to see you Saturday!