City Launches Community Vision Plan Page

This is big, Lakewood.

The City has launched its page for its Community Vision Plan - a chance for residents of Lakewood to help chart the course of their community.

Lakewood’s visioning process will take into account input received from the community. From this, priorities will be developed and plausible alternatives for Lakewood’s future will be explored. These alternatives will test how decisions made today may drive outcomes in the future and will help expose opportunities and challenges, identify key variables of success, and recommend proactive strategies to achieve a successful outcome. As part of the process, a visioning workshop will be held in September 2014 to bring the community together to build consensus about what the future of Lakewood can and should look like.

There are several different ways to be involved in the Community Vision Plan process.

  • Take the Community Survey: Take the Community Survey . Your answers to these questions will help us identify and prioritize what your Community Vision should address. The survey is available in English, Spanish and Hangul (Korean).
  • Host a Community Meeting: Are you a member of a community organization? If so, a member of the Lakewood Community Vision Team would love to come speak to your group.
  • Attend the Visioning Workshop: This important event is scheduled for early/mid-September 2014. This workshop will provide many interactive ways for you to share your thoughts on the future of Lakewood.

Share your thoughts: submit your comments, thoughts, or questions . Want to talk to a real person? Give Dan Catron a call at (253) 983-7730 to have a conversation about the future of your city.

For more information, visit cityoflakewood.us/visionplan .