City, DOC Help Clean Blighted Lake City Home

With the help of work crews from the state Department of Corrections, the City is working to clean up a blighted and neglected home in the Lake City neighborhood.

According to Lt. Dave Guttu with the Lakewood Community Safety Resource Team, this home has been a problem for years. A stop-work order was issued for the previous homeowner. After it was eventually taken over by a bank, the unoccupied, single-family home became a source of theft, dumping and other issues.

"It's not a bad street," Guttu says of the neighborhood off Kenwood Drive Southwest. "It's just people have walked away. This house affects the whole street."

Recently, Community Service Officer Dawn McGinnis began speaking with the president of the bank - the Lakewood branch of Key Bank - on ways to work together to improve the overgrown shrubs, piles of garbage and damaged interior resulting from theft.

Now, crews are working - along with the help of LeMay - to clean the house. Ultimately, the goal is to make it livable and suitable for an owner.

Great coordination on everyone's part.