City Council Identifies Pavement Improvement Projects

On Monday, July 21, the Lakewood City Council, acting in its capacity as a Transportation Benefit District (TBD) Board, approved a motion to set Monday, Aug. 25, 2014, as the date for a public hearing on implementation of a $20 Motor Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF) to finance 11 new pavement and other transportation improvement projects between 2015 and 2020.

The VLF is expected to generate $4.08 million between 2015 and 2020. The funding, coupled with existing City revenue totaling $5.06 million, will finance the pavement and transportation projects totaling $9.14 million in improvements between 2015 and 2020.

If adopted by the TBD Board, the Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF) would be collected by the Washington State Department of Licensing and would not go into effect until early 2015.

The TBD Board was established in August 2012, and by state law, it is comprised of Lakewood City Councilmembers who serve in an independent capacity as the TBD governing Board. The Board is authorized to fund transportation projects using a Motor Vehicle Licensing Fee (VLF) of up to $20 as provided by state law. The TBD cannot impose any other fees or taxes without first obtaining approval from voters. The Board is also authorized to select specific projects for funding, provided that the projects meet state law requirements.

The projects funded by the VLF are:



  • Lakewood Drive – 100th Street to Steilacoom Blvd


  • Lakewood Drive – Flett Creek to North City Limits


  • Main Street – Gravelly Lake Drive to 108th Street


  • 59th Avenue – Main Street to 100th Street


  • 59th Avenue – 100th Street to Bridgeport Way


  • 108th Street – Bridgeport Way to Pacific Highway


  • 108th Street – Main Street to Bridgeport Way


  • Custer Road – Steilacoom Blvd to John Dower Rd


  • 88th Street – Steilacoom Blvd to Custer Road


  • 100th Street – 59th Avenue to Lakeview Avenue


  • Chip seal program – local access roads


  • New LED street lights


  • Signal projects, neighborhood safety projects, minor capital projects and engineering services


  • Complete existing projects
    • Steilacoom Blvd – Lakewood to west of South Tacoma Way
    • Pacific Highway – 108th St. to State Route 512
    • 100th St. – Lakeview Ave. to South Tacoma Way