City, Volunteers Begin Cleanup on 119th Street Home

On Aug. 7, a group of volunteers organized by the City of Lakewood took the first steps in cleaning up a heavily vegetated property owned by an elderly woman who didn't have the means to address what had become a neighborhood eyesore.

It all started out as a code compalaint for a house on 119th Street Southwest - a home overgrown with vegeatation. The owner - an elderly woman - lives on limited means and is unable to tackle the work. That's when Lakewood Police Officer Peter Johnson stepped in.

Johnson organized a team of volunteers who helped clean up the property, simply getting to which was a heavy lift in itself .

"We were able to get rid of the entire laurel issue in the front yard and carved our way to the back yard," Johnson said. "We made several clearings into the back yard bramble patch, reaching her back fence in two spots, but there were several large, downed trees hidden in the brambles that slowed us down from clearing the entire yard."

There's more work to do, but the owner and neighbors were "thrilled," according to Johnson, and came out during the work party to praise the City.

Kudos to Officer Johnson, the volunteers and others who helped make this happen.