Get Cars Checked For Leaks at The Farmers Market

On Tuesday, Aug. 26, the Lakewood Farmers Market will partner with the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance and the Don't Drip and Drive campaign to offer free vehicle leak checks right at the market while you shop.

Volunteers will be on-site to answer questions, test cars for leaks, and offer discounts to get them fixed. What you need to know about the leak check:

  • Volunteers will test your vehicle while you are shopping at the farmers market. Your results will be ready when you return to your car.
  • Volunteers will place a drip sheet under your car while it is parked.
  • Volunteers will not need to start your car or open the hood.
  • Volunteers will tell you whether your car has a fluid leak. •Leak results are confidential.
  • Everyone who gets their car tested will receive a voucher for a free professional leak inspection and a discount on repairs.

Don’t Drip and Drive is a campaign to help people fix their leaking cars. Our cars drip 7 million quarts of oil into the Puget Sound each year. The campaign is supported by nonprofit organizations, cities, counties and state agencies in Washington State.

Stop by the market for some fresh produce, live entertainment from the Renegade Train and participate in our Don’t Drip and Drive event!

The Lakewood Farmers Market runs every Tuesday, through Sept. 16, outside of Lakewood City Hall, 6000 Main Street SW.