City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 5/11/2012

May 11, 2012
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Business Outreach in Lakewood: Staff continues to ramp up efforts to reach out to local businesses. This week’s visits included a local grocer, two additional retailers, and two communications companies. This year we’ve visited with 51 existing businesses so far, several startup companies, and have provided resources for business support and expansion. One can contact our economic development department to find out more about how the city of Lakewood can help businesses succeed.
  • Human services “return on investment”: Staff analyzed the cash investment in Lakewood for human services programs funded in 2011 to present information to the Lakewood City Council at its April 23rd meeting. The results indicated that Lakewood’s investment of $366,000 in programs leveraged funds and contributed another $7,255,946 into the community. When factoring in donations to programs, the total investment into Lakewood by funded programs for 2011 was $10,674,928.
  • Invista in Lakewood: The City’s economic development manager and the city manager attended the “launch” of the Invista Performance Solutions program on May 1st at Clover Park Technical College. Invista is a one-stop organization for corporate training which provides customized employee training programs.
  • Lakewood United speaker: The city manager was the speaker at the regular meeting of Lakewood United on May 10th. The subject was an update on the City’s operations as characterized by the four guiding principles of Service, Integrity, Teamwork, and Respect.
  • Community Health Care event: A number of City staff and councilmember s joined in sponsoring a table at the fund-raising event for Community Health Care on May 8th in Tacoma. The large audience was entertained by a stand-up comedy act featuring a very engaging comedian who has cerebral palsy. CHC operates medical and dental clinics in Lakewood and throughout the region.
  • CPTC Joint Advisory Committee workshop: The president of Clover Park Technical College hosted their first annual joint session on May 8th with all 34 of the college’s program advisory committees, consisting of subject matter experts in the various vocational fields. The city manager is a member of the president’s College Advisory Council.
  • Lakewood Hosts Training by Washington State Archives: On May 3rd, the Washington State Archives Office provided training sessions on Electronic Records Management and Scan and Toss Requirements/Records Schedule Revisions at Lakewood City Hall. Several Lakewood Records Committee Coordinators attended the training sessions along with other municipal government staff from western Washington.