City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 7/20/2012

July 20, 2012
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Police Awards Ceremony: The Police Department conducted its annual awards ceremony on July 19th which included commissioning for two new sergeants (Chris Westby and Matt Brown) and two new police officers (Phil Davis and Kevin Clark). Special recognition was given to a number of volunteers for their service, and also to the employees of the El Paraiso restaurant for their assistance in solving a major crime. The award for life-saving was presented to John Fraser for saving the life of a young girl choking in a restaurant, for Detective Ryan Larson for dedication on a robbery case, for Shirley MacLamore and Matt Brown for their dedication in resolving a pawn broker robbery case, Jason Catlett for competence in tracking down a major drug case, and to MacLamore, Larson, and Joe Kolp for dedication in resolving the bikini barista robbery and assault case. The chief’s commendation was awarded to Brea Wolfe for her work in administering federal grants.
  • City hosts first Special Adaptive Housing team meeting: The City of Lakewood’s first Special Adaptive Housing team meeting took place on July 18th. This effort, led by the City’s Human Services Coordinator, hopes to bring increased awareness of a large grant available to veterans or service members who are entitled to compensation for permanent and total service-connected disability. The grant currently provides $63,780 to eligible veterans or service members to: a) construct a home on land to be acquired; b) build a home on existing land suitable for specially adapted housing; c) remodel an existing home, or d) apply the fund against the unpaid principal mortgage balance. Additional information about this grant can be obtained by contacting John Temme at or (206) 341-8583.
  • Puget Sound regional city managers meet: The City of Issaquah hosted a meeting for city managers from King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties on July 19th as an opportunity to provide updated information on issues of mutual concern, to include a presentation on the sustainability effort focused on new public building projects. Discussion of state funding issues is a high priority, with emphasis on the specific concern about the State discontinuing its distribution of Liquor Taxes to local governments.