City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 8/10/2012

August 10, 2012
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • National Night Out: This year’s National Night Out on August 7th featured a total of 45 “block-party” events throughout the City, with several thousand participants. The City’s CSRT (Community Safety & Resource Team) played a coordination role, assisted by Police and Fire presence. Several city councilmembers and the city manager, as well as the police chief and other department directors, visited a number of sites, which included a number of neighborhoods where the residents sensed their “ownership” of an area that had been previously troubled by crime issues and had been “turned around” by neighborhood activism and City support.
  • Sound Transit Testing of Sounder service: Sound Transit officials, including Councilmember Mary Moss who is a ST board member, and also former Boardmember and Councilmember Claudia Thomas, formally kicked off the testing phase of the new Sounder service to Lakewood on August 8th. Citizens are to be alerted to the trains traversing the city in preparation for the commencement of commuter rail service in October.
  • Today in America Video: Today in America, hosted by Terry Bradshaw filmed on location this week right here in Lakewood. Our city will be featured as one of the great “hidden gems” in America. The series on “New-Urbanism to Live, Work, and Play” will feature a 5-minute segment on our city that will air sometime in late Fall 2012. The show is filmed on-location in cities around the world and also filmed and produced at United States Media Television’s studios in Coral Springs, Florida.
  • Change of Command for Joint Base Garrison: : The ceremony marking the change of Garrison Commander for JBLM from Colonel Thomas Brittain to Colonel Chuck Hodges took place at Watkins Field on August 7th, Mayor Richardson, Councilmember Moss, and the city manager were in attendance. The city manager met briefly with the new garrison commander at the reception following the ceremony.