City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 2/1/2013

February 1, 2013
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • City to recognize Doug Richardson: On Monday, February 4th, at 7:00 p.m., the City of Lakewood will recognize Doug Richardson’s 17 years of service on the City Council during its regular meeting in the Council Chambers. The public is invited to join the Council and staff as we extend our appreciation to Mayor Richardson for his dedicated service to Lakewood. The City will present a short video tribute and provide an “open mic” to those audience members who may wish to make remarks. After the presentation, we will recess for refreshments before resuming City business.
  • City Attorneys present at legal education seminar: City Attorney Heidi Ann Wachter and Ass’t City Attorney Matt Kaser presented on the topic proactive litigation regarding public records at the legal education seminar “Public Records Act Litigation” presented by Law Seminars International at the Washington State Convention Center on January 30th. Their topic was entitled ‘Protecting Public Sector Interests: When Do Serial Requests Become Harassment? How Do You Stop It?”
  • Staff attends State Farmers Market Association annual conference: The Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department attended the Washington State Farmers Market Association Annual Conference January 25 – 27. They learned many things including about marketing Farmers Markets and how to be able to take EBT (food stamps) as well as WIC & Seniors Farmers Market Nutrition Program Checks. They are excited to implement what was learned at this season’s farmers market which begins Tuesday, June 4th. Vendor applications and more information can be found online at cityoflakewood.us/farmersmarket.
  • Traffic Control at North Gate Road: Approximately 30 residents attended the North Gate Road Neighborhood Traffic Control Program meeting on January 29th. Staff listened to the neighborhood observations and concerns including traffic flow and speeds and lack of sidewalks and streetlights. Public Works and Police staff shared traffic study results and presented some alternatives to address the on-going speeding and cut-thru problems in their neighborhood. In summary, the “failed” operations at the intersection of North Gate Road and Edgewood Avenue, back-up traffic up to ¼ mile down North Gate Road. Frustrated drivers, avoid the intersection by cutting through neighboring roads of Kenwood Drive, Winona Street, and others. The neighbors wish to provide feedback to JBLM representatives on how the increasing growth of North Fort has impacted their neighborhood. City staff committed to follow up with the neighborhood on some interim traffic control measures including: “No Turns 4 to 6 PM” signage with enforcement at North Gate Road and Nottingham Drive, and follow up surveys and meetings regarding speed control measures such as speed humps. In addition, City staff is committed to work at finding funding to address the intersection of North Gate Road and Edgewood Avenue which can improve level of service from the current “F” to an “A”.
  • Public Works Maintenance & Operation facility: Work has started on the new PW Maintenance & Operation Facility located off of Front Street north of 96th Street. A water main has been extended through the property as required by the Water District. The existing house/office building has been demolished. Appropriate power and utilities have been brought into the site. A portion of the drainage system necessary to serve the site for its anticipated layout has been installed along with the necessary underground conduit to serve the yard and potential building foot prints with power/cable/phone and an integrated security system. A used modular 2500 sq ft office building has been purchased for the office portion of the M & O facility complex. Further contract bids have been received for the installation of the balance of the drainage system along with the grading, gravelling and paving the entire site. Council award of the construction contract is anticipated on February 11th.
  • Waughop briefing to Pierce County: The City’s Parks, Recreation & Community Services Director Mary Dodsworth and Surface Water Division Manager Greg Vigoren briefed County Executive Pat McCarthy and Deputy Executive Kevin Phelps this week regarding the condition of Waughop Lake located in Ft. Steilacoom Park. The briefing included a history of Ft. Steilacoom Park including past farming practices at the park that impacted the lake water quality; current uses of the lake; current condition of the lake; Lakewood’s actions to date and potential further actions. All parties agreed that a comprehensive management plan is needed to determine best future course of action.
  • CSRT staff presents at block watch meeting: CSO Gail Conelly conducted a new block watch meeting for the residents in the neighborhood of the 9300 block of 114th St SW. There were 20 in attendance. Topics covered included: Starting a Block Watch; Burglary Prevention; Motor Vehicle Theft/Prowl Prevention; Home Security; Crime Prevention through Environmental Design; and a discussion regarding the use of surveillance equipment on houses. A block watch captain was selected and more meetings will be forthcoming.
  • Chambers Creek Open House: The City of Lakewood along with University Place and Pierce County hosted a Public Open House on January 29th to discuss the Chamber Creek Canyon Trail Project. The open house was held at the Pierce County Environmental Services Center in University Place. Staff and members of the Park and Recreation Advisory Board attended. Topics of discussion included the Canyon Master Plan, future development of the trail system, environmental work, parking and potential access points and trail heads located in both Lakewood and University Place.
  • CSRT and Lakewood Refuse clean up apartment complex in Woodbrook: An apartment complex in Woodbrook came to the attention of CSRT when it was reported that a very large amount of trash and discarded furniture had accumulated on the property and they did not have garbage service. The City gave the apartment manager one week to clean up the property and establish garbage service, while Lakewood Refuse worked with the manager to resolve outstanding bills and reestablish service. At the end of one week, the property was thoroughly clean and garbage service was resumed.