City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 9/16/2011

September 16, 2011
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Arts Commission presentation to Council: The Arts Commission gave their annual presentation to City Council at their study session on Monday, September 12th. The presentation covering the events of the previous year was followed with a discussion of current goals and objectives to be achieved in the coming year which included: promoting the visual, performing and literary arts, encouraging the creative contribution of local artists and creating a public art policy. The Commission was encouraged to create a work plan that would reflect the vision they have for art and the arts community in Lakewood.
  • Interim Communications Director: Communications Director Jeff Brewster, an Army Reserve officer, received mobilization orders earlier this week and will deploy to the Middle East in early October to serve as a logistics advisor to one of our military allies in that region. Assistant City Attorney Mike Savage will serve as the City’s Interim Communications Director for about eleven months until Mr. Brewster’s return.
  • Community Development and Human Services Hold Joint Public Hearing: Community Development and Human Services held a joint public hearing on September 8th to identify strategies on the use of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership Act grant funds. The public hearing offered an opportunity for the City to gain insight from citizens and local non-profits regarding what services they identify as essential for low- and moderate- income citizens in Lakewood. Recommendations included continued support of programs providing food, housing and other basic human needs including support of youth.
  • CSRT attends Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board Meeting on JBLM: Lt. Steve Mauer recently attended the quarterly meeting of the Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board (AFDCB) on JBLM. This panel, which includes representatives from all the military services in the area, discusses issues of mutual concern related to military members. Military representatives are joined by staff from the State Liquor Control Board, Tacoma Police Department, Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and others. The discussion included issues facing the courtesy patrol. The group also discussed “Spice” (a synthetic drug), which is illegal under federal law. Lakewood Police are communicating with the AFDCB to report businesses selling Spice; those businesses will be made off limits to servicemembers unless they drop that item from their inventories.
  • Staff completes Washington Cities Insurance Authority Land Use Training Series: Legal staff completed a land-use training series this month conducted by Washington Cities Insurance Authority. The training was part of a three-part program that included information on the legal basis for land use development, regulations and permits.
  • The Discovery Trail continues: The City of Lakewood installed a 1940’s era Ford tractor near the blue barn at Fort Steilacoom Park last week. The tractor is a replica of one shown in an original photo on the Discovery Trail Farming Legacy sign located nearby. The tractor is an interactive part of the Discovery Trail system and people are welcome to climb on it as they imagine what life was like when the area was an active farm.