City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 7/29/2011

July 29, 2011
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Sewer Franchise approved: The Pierce County Council approved the 20-year sewer franchise with the City on July 26th.
  • South Sound 911: The city manager and deputy county executive Kevin Phelps made a presentation on the proposed South Sound 911 system to the DuPont City Council on July 26th. The police chief assisted in a presentation to the Fife City Council on July 19th.
  • Police Annual Awards Ceremony: The Lakewood Police Department held its annual award ceremony on July 28th in the Council Chambers, with about 50 officers, employees, volunteers and family members in attendance. In addition to the awards given to both officers and volunteers for their hard work and dedication, the FBI Innocence Lost task force awarded certificates of appreciation to several officers who had served with the task force to rescue young girls from prostitution. In the ceremony FBI Special Agents credited Lakewood Police Department for their invaluable assistance in making this task force a successful endeavor. The FBI awards were given to Det. Ryan Larson, Det. Kim Holmes, Sgt. Andy Estes, Det. Jeff Paynter, Officer Ryan Hamilton, Officer Brian Danley, Sgt. Dave Crommes, Officer Jason Catlett, Officer Andy Hall, Officer Jeff Martin, Officer Jon Waller, Investigator Sean Conlon, Officer Darcy Olsen, and Officer Matt Brown.

    The LPD awards for Lifesaving was given to Investigator Sean Conlon. The Police Chief’s Commendations were given to Detectives Rey Punzalan , Todd Jordan, Les Bunton, Bryan Johnson, Rey Punzalan, and Chris Westby; Investigator Sean Conlon; Officers Joseph Sandall and Scott Novasky. The Core Value Awards were given to Officer Skeeter Manos & Officer Shawn Noble for Dedication; Officer Jeff Johnson for Integrity and Respect; Officer Chris Bowl for Teamwork and Respect; and Detective Bryan Johnson for Dedication and Respect.

    In addition, Certificates of Appreciation were awarded in recognition of support and hard work on November 29th, 2011 with the Fallen Officers Memorial Dedication Ceremony and Food Drive, to Buzz Burgess, Sherwin Fermahin, Paul Powers, Jay Anderson, Brian Hinkle, Stacy Hoekstra, Jerry Schaler, Stefanie Coleman, Michael Makoviney, Michael Nebeker, Ryan O’Flaherty, Tom Cummins, and Scott Williams. Volunteer Century Awards were given in recognition and appreciation of over 100 hours of service with the Lakewood Police Department during the Awards Year (July 2010 to July 2011) to Annette Harrey-128 hours; Robert Pack-156.5 hours; Alvie Robbins- 451.5 hours; Sharron Kanter-444.75 hours; and Madaline Wivel-184 hours.

    Finally, new Commissionings were bestowed upon Sergeant David Crommes, Officer Michael Wulff, and Officer Monte Henderson.

  • Golden Band of the West ROCKS Lakewood crowd: The Golden Band of the West from Travis Air Force Base was the highlighted music group for the Rodeo being held at Joint Base Lewis/McChord. They have a number of musical ensembles that comprise the Golden Band and their rock ensemble, “Mobility” wowed the crowd at the summer concert series this past Tuesday at American Lake Park. The band members played a wide variety of songs and awed the audience with their musical talent. “Sweet Home Alabama”, “America the Beautiful” and an original song written by the guitarist are just some examples of the wide range of music that entertained the concert goers. The Rodeo is held every other year, so look for the band to return in 2013.

  • The Senior Activity Center Goes to Tea at the Glass Museum: A group from the Lakewood Senior Activity Center attended Tuesday Tea at the Glass Museum on July 26th. They received a guided tour of the different galleries and then had the wonderful opportunity to observe a team of artists demonstrating the exciting process of creating pieces of art from molten glass in the “Hot Shop”. The older adults had the chance to spend time in the art studio creating candle holders. The group finished the evening with dinner on the Tacoma waterfront.