City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 2/25/2011

February 25, 2011
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Refuse rate increase: On March 1st, the City refuse service rates will increase. The rate increases are associated with the annual automatic cost adjustment provisions contained within the City's contract with our refuse service provider. The automatic adjusters relate to 1) the yearly change in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for our area and 2) any change in the tipping fee at the land fill. While this year the CPI was relatively tame at 0.294%, the tipping was not as it went up $10.35/ton which represents a 9.16% increase. Because the tipping fee, however, is only a component of the residential customer service charge, the net combined effect of both these increases to our residential customer is 3.862%. In terms of actual monthly dollar increase, it's $1.11 to a residential customer with weekly pick up service of a 65 gallon toter with recycling.
  • Chief Farrar nominated for America's Most Wanted All Star for 2011: Chief Bret Farrar has been nominated for the America's Most Wanted All Star Award for 2011. America's Most Wanted (AMW) All Star Award is a yearly contest that recognizes first responders (i.e. Law enforcement, fire, EMT or rescue personnel). The AMW contest lasts for eight weeks. Visitors to the AMW website can vote for an Official Nominee that they believe exemplifies the All-Star Qualities. Chief Farrar is currently up against 40 nominees. Voting continues until April 10th. If Chief Farrar advances to the final round, he will be up against 7 others nominees (total of 8 finalists) to win the All-Star round. Voting for the All Star Round commences April 21st and ends May 8th. Please vote for Chief Farrar on the AMW website at www.amw.com/allstar.
  • 2010 Census Data released: The US Census Bureau released the local level data for the 2010 Census on Wednesday. Lakewood's population on April 1st, 2010, according to the Census Bureau was 58,163. This is lower than Lakewood's April 1, 2000 Census of 58,211, but higher than the July 1, 2009 Census Bureau estimate of 57,710.