City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 2/4/2011

February 4, 2011
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Old Settler's Cemetery designated as historical landmark: The Landmarks and Heritage Advisory Board (LHAB) voted on January 27th to designate the Old Settler's Cemetery, also known as Gravelly Lake Cemetery, as a Landmark pursuant to city code. The cemetery is located on the northeast corner of the intersection of Washington Boulevard SW and 83rd Avenue SW. The property is currently owned and maintained by Pierce County, which supported the designation. The 4.24 acre site contains the graves of settlers from the area dating back to 1855. Burials at the cemetery were limited to Lakewood pioneers and their descendants. There are at least 168 identified graves on the site. This designation recognizes the cemetery's place in the history of the Lakewood area, and will also provide for City review of any projects proposed that could alter the appearance of the property.
  • Abatement Updates: The City completed seven abatements in 2010, at a cost of approximately $182,000, removing 36 dilapidated and dangerous structures. Over $170,000 was recovered for the revolving abatement fund through repayment of abatement liens or directly from banks or property owners, most of it in the last four months of 2010, as banks move forward with long-stalled foreclosures. An additional $25,000 was paid directly to the City from a bank this week, saving the City from having to place a lien on the property of the most recently completed abatement. The City received bids this week for one public nuisance and three dangerous building abatements, including one property with significant chemical and heavy metals contamination of the septic system. An additional bid request has been issued for a building and property heavily contaminated from drug manufacturing and use. These abatements are expected to be completed in March. Additionally this week, one public nuisance cleanup was begun by a representative of a bank, and one demolition and repair of two dilapidated houses were begun by property owners, all under abatement orders from the City.
  • Community meeting in Tillicum and Woodbrook about sewer policies: Public Works staff met with the community this week at two community meetings, one in Tillicum and one in Woodbrook, to present information and answer questions about the sewer project and the potential of connection requirements. About 50 citizens attended the meetings.
  • Meeting with Congressman Adam Smith's office: The legislative director of Rep. Adam Smith's office in DC, along with two other congressional staffmembers, met with the city manager this week to discuss Lakewood priorities and the JBLM growth coordination plan.
  • City manager presents award at Tacoma City Council: The Lakewood city manager assisted in a presentation of the L.P. Cookingham award from ICMA (Int'l City Management Association) to the Tacoma city manager, Eric Anderson, at the Tacoma City Council on February 1st. The award is in recognition of Anderson's commitment to interns and professional development of young people in public service.
  • Fun Run for Tina Griswold Memorial Scholarship: "The Fun Run for Tina" in honor of Lakewood Officer Tina Griswold on January 29th raised more than $24,000 and had more than 700 participants. Many different police and fire departments were represented and our overall winners were Michelle Hector, LPD, and Ryan Heffernan from Bremerton PD. The Tina Delong Griswold Memorial Scholarship will help kids who are pursuing Law Enforcement careers go to college.
  • Shoreline Master Program Update: The Community Development Department held the second of two public meetings to discuss a proposed draft Shoreline Master Program for American Lake, Lake Steilacoom, Gravelly Lake, Lake Louise, Waughop Lake, Chambers Creek and Clover Creek. The meeting was held on January 27th at CPHS. The City's consultant, AHBL Inc., provided background information on the Shoreline Management Act requirements and progress made on the Shoreline Master Program Development Process. Discussion was held regarding the draft policies and regulations included with the draft document and input from the public provided the consultant and staff quality input and information to consider with the draft document. The draft Shoreline Master Program can be found on the City's website and copies can be purchased at City Hall. An upcoming cumulative impact analysis will help the City demonstrate whether the proposed draft policies and regulations will prevent degradation with the ecological functions of the affected water bodies. If it is found that degradation will occur, mitigation may be required to repair the identified areas. Questions can be directed to Marc Amrine, Senior Planner at (253) 512-2261, ext. 7753, or at mamrine@cityoflakewood.us.