City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 10/1/10

October 1, 2010
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • CSRT attends PCSD "Active Killer" training at CPTC: On September 24th, CSRT Leader Lt Steve Mauer attended a training session for Clover Park Technical College provided by Pierce County Deputy Jesus Villahermosa, who instructed the staff on preparation and response to an "Active Killer" situation. This phenomenon has evolved from shooters alone to subjects bringing knives and stabbing multiple victims. The goal of the class was to get the staff to mentally prepare themselves if anything like this should occur at CPTC. Lt. Mauer was there to advise the staff that LPD is working with the college to develop agreements on emergency management and response to an Active Killer situation.
  • CSRT participates with Sound Transit in "High Rail Tour": CSRT Leader Lt. Steve Mauer and Community Service Officer Dawn McGinnis participated in September 27th in a "High Rail Tour" of the railroad tracks between Clover Creek Dr and the end of the line in Tacoma. The purpose of the meeting was to see what Sound Transit is doing for the new rail project and to discuss cooperation with Lakewood and the military on ways to inform as many people as possible about the rail system and the potential safety issues.
  • HR Director attends Washington Public Employers Labor Relations Association (WAPELRA) Conference: HR director Debra Young attended the Washington Public Employers Labor Relations Association (WAPELRA) annual fall conference. The theme of the conference was Creating Sustainable Labor Relations, even in tough economic conditions.
  • Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association Annual Convention: City attorney Heidi Wachter, ass't city attorney Anita Booker-Hay and associate city attorney Matt Kaser attended the annual Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Convention in Leavenworth on September 17-19. Mr. Kaser presented a Criminal Law Update, providing Pierce County's criminal law practitioners an overview of changes in the criminal law from the Washington and federal appellate courts.
  • City meets with Pac Hwy owners and developers: In the fourth of a series of briefings, the city manager, economic development staff and consultants met on September 30th with property owners and potential developers along the Ponders/Pac Hwy corridor to discuss options for redevelopment.
  • Federal Small Business Administrator (SBA) administrator meets with City: SBA Administrator Calvin Goings met this week at City Hall with councilmembers Mike Brandstetter and Mary Moss, and city management staff, as well as Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, to review SBA programs to assist small business development, and to review Lakewood's economic development priorities.
  • City and Applebee's staff conduct fundraiser for Washington State Special Olympics: On September 23rd, members of the Lakewood Police Department teamed up with the management and staff of the Lakewood Applebee's for a 4-hour fund raiser for the Washington State Special Olympics. Thanks to Investigator Michelle Hector, Officer Jeff Johnson, Reserve Officer Dennis Folk and Property Supervisor Rick Wade as well as the management and staff of Applebee's, a total $2,188 was raised for Special Olympics. In addition, five members of the Military Police, JBLM, led by Lt Robert Rothrock, in conjunction with LPD teamed up with the Tacoma Applebee's and raised $1,288 for Special Olympics.
  • CSRT helps Hope Academy with safety patrol program: CSRT members assisted The Hope Academy with their safety patrol program on September 28th. The children arrive at school at 730am to ensure the safety of their fellow schoolmates who walk to school. There were approximately 20 children who tried out for the program. The children had several practice sessions in the gym where they simulated crossing situations. Then the children were tested outside at the actual crossing location. The safety patrol program is an important function for safety, but also in teaching the kids responsibility and dependability.
  • City staff assists in emergency relocation of Tillicum family: Human Services assisted the City's Building Inspection division by providing emergency relocation to a family living in Tillicum. The apartment manager received a criminal citation on the scene for housing individuals in an improperly zoned building that posed a serious life safety risk. Relocation assistance was made available through a State grant. The City partners with Lakewood Area Shelter Association to provide case management and permanent placement assistance.
  • City attorney at WSBA: On September 29th, city attorney Heidi Wachter attended an Administrative Law CLE offered by the Washington State Bar Association (WSBA). She currently serves on the WSBA CLE Committee and will chair the committee in 2011.
  • Lakewood presents at Seattle University Law School: The Legal Department and City Clerk's Office has partnered with Seattle University School of Law to provide opportunities for third year law students participating in the Externship Program to obtain work experience in the City's Legal Department in exchange for law school credit. As a part of this partnership, ass't city attorney Anita Booker-Hay made a presentation to the Externship class at Seattle University Law School on September 28th in an effort to promote their understanding of the practical aspects of a legal career in the public sector. Her presentation included information about the jury selection process, plea bargains and other practice tips.
  • Bates invites staff to join advisory committee: Cheryl Thompson, administrative assistant for the Legal Department, has accepted an invitation from Bates Technological College to join their Administrative Office Assistant Advisory Committee. The committee is composed of administrative professionals from the community and acts in an advisory capacity regarding the content and general operation of the Administrative Office Assistant program offered at Bates.
  • CSRT meets with Lakewood Industrial Park staff regarding parking: CSRT Leader Lt Steve Mauer conducted a meeting on September 28th with a management/security team from the Lakewood Industrial Park (LIP) to discuss ongoing parking issues. The LIP has had issues with drivers who make deliveries and then park their trucks inside the Park to sleep. The park does not have enough room for overnight parking. Management has informed the tenants that drivers cannot park and sleep. Despite this, there is still an issue with some drivers who refuse to leave. The result of the meeting was a better understanding of the problem and steps that can be taken by the LIP to address the issue on their own. Patrol officers will respond and take appropriate action to remove the drivers if the drivers refuse the lawful request by LIP security.
  • Lakewood Seniors "Meet & Greet" Soldiers: The Lakewood Senior Activity Center hosted a "Meet & Greet" on September 28th for their adopted Dark horse Troop and welcomed home the soldiers after a year-long deployment to Iraq. Councilmember Mary Moss opened the ceremony with a welcome home and appreciation for the Troop, and LPD Officer Cheri Gumm sang the National Anthem. The Center made a gift for each of the soldiers, who had been pen pals during their deployment. The Center will continue to stay involved with the Dark horse Troop.