City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 9/24/10

September 24, 2010
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • CSRT staffs booth at All City Tailgate: CSRT staffed a booth at the All City Tailgate on September 17th, where approximately 75 goodie bags with safety information were handed out to children, and community and public safety information was available for citizens. The crowd was impressive, particularly in view of the weather. Still, the crowds remained in a sea of umbrellas and plastic ponchos. The acts on the main stage included Native American tribal dancers, singers, Pacific Islander dancers, cheerleader exhibitions, and local leaders.
  • CPSD and City meet to review coordination: The mayor and city manager met with the school superintendent and the school board president on September 23rd to review the coordination and information sharing between the City and the District.
  • City manager briefs EDB: On September 24th, the city manager provided an update to the board of the Economic Development Board of Tacoma-Pierce County regarding developments in Woodbrook, Tillicum, and Pac Hwy/Ponders. The on-going OEA-sponsored growth coordination planning for Joint Base Lewis McChord was also reviewed.
  • CSRT/Police conduct Safety and Law Class: On September 17th, Neighborhood Patrol Officer Jeremy Vahle and CSRT member Mike Miller conducted a half-hour orientation on safety and general laws to a class of approximately 80 International Education students at Pierce College. The students learned how and when to use 9-1-1, what to expect from police contact and personal safety tips for on and off campus. Also covered were DUI, seatbelt and cell phone laws, rights and responsibilities of pedestrians and bicycle riders.
  • Adopt-a-Company Social: About 150 soldiers and sponsors attended the City's reception for the 4.2 Stryker Brigade on September 23rd in the Council Chambers. COL John Norris and Mayor Richardson presided. There are 46 businesses or agencies in Lakewood who have sponsored soldiers and families under the Adopt-a-Company program.
  • CSRT hosts LOCAL monthly meeting: CSRT hosted the Lakewood Organization of Community Active Landlords' (LOCAL) monthly meeting on September 21st. Neighborhood Patrol Officer Brian Wurts gave a presentation on methamphetamine, including statistics, signs landlords/managers can look for, and what landlords/managers can do who to call if methamphetamine is an issue on their property. The presentation was well received by the 25 attendees. The next meeting will be held at 11am on October 19th at Lakewood police station.
  • City Human Services helps family in need: The American Red Cross contacted Human Services to assist a family identified as needing support during the recent Laurel Garden relocations. The family had no food and no source of income. Human Services contacted Emergency Food Network who coordinated food relief for the family with Resource Distribution Council meeting immediate food needs. Additionally, Human Services worked with DSHS who provided emergency relief assistance to the family and re-qualified them for food stamps and cash assistance. While the husband continues to seek employment, the wife has been referred to begin the process of finding employment. The husband was recently medically released from the Army after suffering a significant back injury in Iraq.