City Manager's Weekly Info Bulletin 6/25/10

June 25, 2010
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • LPD Officers present at Regional Gang Conference: Officers Sean Conlon and Jeff Martin were key presenters at a regional gang conference in Tacoma. They taught gang history, conducting gang contacts and gang interviewing. Detective Paynter, a known regional Juggalo expert, presented information on that gang.
  • Lakewood Senior Center hosts Senior Market Voucher Program: The Lakewood Senior Activity Center partnered with Pierce County Aging and Long Term Care to help distribute Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Vouchers. The program is funded by the US Department of Agriculture, State of Washington, and Pierce County. The check vouchers are valid at farmers markets and provide fruits and vegetables for lower income seniors and supports local farming by increasing the use of these farmers markets and roadside stands. The Center distributed over 60 vouchers this year to seniors in our community.
  • Human Services, CSRT, and Community Agencies Working Together: Human Services collaborated with the Community Safety & Resources Team (CSRT) and several community partners including Greater Lakes Mental Healthcare, Aging and Long-term Care, Adult Protective Services, Lakeview Light and Power, Lakewood Area Shelter Association, Good Samaritan Behavioral Healthcare Services and Pierce County Aging and Disability Resource Center to assist several citizens living in threatening conditions. Human Services was able to get the power restored to an apartment complex currently in foreclosure, whose residents had been without power for several days and provided support services to a woman who had become quite ill due to living conditions created by an extreme case of hoarding.
  • Lakewood Treasure Hunt Winners! Congratulations to Rose G. and Kiersten M. for finding the hidden medallion in the City's first treasure hunt. The first clue was published in the Parks, Recreation and Community Services Summer brochure and the search was on. Clues were posted weekly on the city website to guide participants to the medallion. The winners won a variety of gift cards to local eateries and to REI. Go to www.lakewoodparksandrec.com to see all the clues (with answers) and a picture of the winners.
  • United States Honor Flag Presentation at LPD: As part of a three-day tour of Washington State, the United States Honor Flag was present for a ceremony at the Lakewood Police Department on June 21st. The ceremony honored Lakewood's four fallen officers and fallen service members of Joint Base Lewis-McChord. This one flag has flown over ground zero, police departments, military bases, fire departments, the US Capitol, US Presidential Libraries, US Military Bases in Kuwait, Qatar, and Iraq and has flown with American pilots in combat zones since September 2001. The flag raising ceremony began at 3:30 PM and ended with the flag moving to the PD lobby, where it was under watch until 8:00PM. The public was welcomed to attend. Additional information about the United States Honor Flag can be located at www.ushonorflag.org.
  • Fir Acres Mobile Home Park update: The City met with the Fir Acres Mobile Home Park Homeowners' Association, their attorneys, and a representative of the Low-Income Housing Institute on June 23rs. The badly deteriorated park is in tax and mortgage foreclosure, with a trustee sale currently scheduled for August 20, having already been rescheduled twice. Proposed sales of the property have not succeeded. The current owner's failure to pay utility bills resulted in the power being temporarily cut off to the entire property last week. A receiver has now been court-appointed to collect rents and pay bills on behalf of the investors, but there is no single entity in a position to correct the park's deficiencies. City staff continue to monitor and assess the conditions.
  • Safety Patrol graduation: Sgt. John Unfred and CSRT member Dawn McGinnis participated in the graduation ceremony of the Safety Patrol at the Hope Academy. This was the last assembly of the year, and several awards were handed out, including 19 certificates to graduates. The Safety Patrol kids are out every day at 7:30am to help other children cross the street safely. The City officers received a warm welcome and were invited back to attend the swearing in of the next Safety Patrol.
  • Police Dept hosts Defensive Tactics Course: The Police Department hosted and instructed a regional defensive tactics field instructor course, which was 40 hours long and was attended by officers from Forks, the Liquor Control Board, Tacoma, Pierce Transit, and Federal Way. The course focuses on how to teach defensive tactics procedures. The DT cadre is completing its first field instructor course.