City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 11/20/09

November 20, 2009
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Lakewood Municipal Court hosts Pierce County Regional Court Management Meeting: Lakewood Municipal Court director Kathy Westerdahl and senior court specialist Deana Wright hosted a Pierce County Regional Court Management Meeting in Lakewood City Hall on November 17th. Issues discussed included Mutual Uniformed Interpreter Payment Agreements. Currently, interpreters have no state guidelines and can charge what the market will bear. The intent is to reduce costs and control ever-increasing interpreter fees. An Interpreters Forum will be scheduled after the first of the year for Court Management and Interpreters to meet as we roll out this change in fee payment. Attending in addition to court management was our Jury Liaison from the Office of the Administrator of the Courts. Also discussed were budget impacts affecting all courts in the state and innovative methods different courts are using to address them. This is the second regional meeting that Lakewood has hosted.
  • HR Director assists with Public Employer Labor Relations Program: Lakewood human resources director (and WAPELRA boardmember) Debra Young assisted with facilitating the Winter Program for Washington Public Employer Labor Relations Association (WAPELRA) in Issaquah on November 13th. Topics included Working Green, Labor Relations Sharing, and Innovations in Human Resources. HR staff from Western Washington attended.
  • Staff to attend 2010 Census Complete Count Committee Conference: The City's human services coordinator and IS (Info Systems) manager participated at the 2010 Census Complete Count Committee conference in Spokane on November 13th. The focus of the conference was to provide increased opportunities for learning from other communities on how to effectively reach "hard to count" communities/pockets of individuals that traditionally do not complete their census materials. Earlier this year, both employees worked together to form a Complete Count Committee in Lakewood comprised of non-profit providers who helped create a plan for disseminating information about the importance of completing the 2010 Census. This same team applied for and received a grant to create T-shirts in English and Spanish for distribution at events in an effort to bring the Census logo into areas not traditionally reached. Information on the census effort is available on the City of Lakewood website at /community.html.
  • 100 Thanksgiving meals to be provided by Police partnering with Great American Casino: CSO Dawn McGinnis, on behalf of the LPIG Charity as the Procurement Director, is partnering with the Great American Casino to provide 100 Thanksgiving meals to Lakewood families in need. LPD Command Staff supplied four turkeys toward the effort and Great American Casino is providing all the side dishes and doing all the cooking. The NPO/CSO unit identified the families who will receive the meals and they will also be delivering them on November 25th. 100 families in Lakewood will be able to enjoy a wonderful meal that otherwise would not have been possible.