City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 9/25/2009

September 25, 2009
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Sound Transit at Lakewood United. Sound Transit CEO Joni Earl was the speaker at the Lakewood United meeting on September 24th, hosted by Councilmember (and Sound Transit boardmember) Claudia Thomas. Ms. Earl reported that rail service to Lakewood is on track to start in the summer of 2012 with construction beginning in spring 2010. The primary challenge will be the construction of the D to M Street phase, which is a 1.2 mile stretch in Tacoma that is projected to cost $161 million and will likely be a mix of “post and beam” construction and berms to create grade separation with other traffic. When rail service begins, approximately 18 trains a day will come through Lakewood – nine during the morning commute and nine in the afternoon commute. By 2018 that will increase to 13 and 13 respectively. The Sounder’s speed will average between 35-45 MPH through Lakewood.
  • Community Open House at Wards Lake: The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board hosted a community open house on September 22nd at Wards Lake Park. The purpose of the open house was to provide an opportunity for neighbors and interested parties to visit the site and share their issues and ideas with City staff and the city manager. Approximately 20 neighbors attended the meeting. Most visit the park on a daily basis, and were very appreciative of the park and the opportunity to participate in the process. The City purchased land adjacent to the park last year and will be facilitating a more detailed community planning process later this year.
  • “Preserving Our Heritage” Video The City Council-appointed Landmarks and Heritage Advisory Board (LHAB) oversaw production of an excellent and well received 18-minute video on Lakewood historical preservation efforts. The video can be found at http://www.vimeo.com/6744332 and will also be posted to the front page of the City’s website under “Latest News and Events.”
  • Street construction update:
    • The Lakewood Water District will be performing a water main crossing at 112th and South Tacoma Way over a 3-night period starting Friday, September 23 – and continuing Monday, September 28 and 29th (possibly).
    • PSE Gas Main Replacement – Pavement grind and overlay – Bridgeport Way – 116th to 111th: The paving contractor for PSE will be performing night work from Monday, September 28 through Wednesday, September 30 to complete the pavement grinding and inlay. On Bridgeport Way between 116th and 111th in the outside NB lane.
    • Bridgeport Way – 59th to Steilacoom – complete sidewalk, striping, and landscaping.
    • Gravelly Lake Drive – Nyanza to Bridgeport Way – interconnect conduit placement, sidewalk, striping (possibly).