City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 2/6/09

February 6, 2009
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • "Flunked" video showing at City Hall: Clover Park School District and the City of Lakewood are jointly presenting the video "Flunked" in the Council Chambers on Wednesday, February 18th at 6:30 pm. This video highlights various success stories of schools in communities that had historically struggled academically. There is no cost to attend this event and small group discussions will follow after the video. All are welcome.
  • Tillicum plans 100 year Centennial Celebration: The Tillicum neighborhood is marking its 100 year Centennial Celebration in 2010. A citizen committee has been formed to make it a big party. Anyone interested in helping with research, taking stories of long-term residents, sorting or sharing historical photos and documents, or generally planning the event is welcome to contact the Committee Chair Jim Taylor at slplummer@yahoo.com or (253) 588-3159. At 76 years young, Jim is the second-oldest Tillicum-born resident and has lived in Tillicum his whole life.
  • VA Office conducts successful audit of Police files: Lakewood PD received word on January 27th that the audit being conducted by the Veteran's Affairs Office on our files for employees who are eligible to receive GI Bill benefits, which Officer Jeff Carroll is responsible for keeping, had no discrepancies. Furthermore, they stated that they were impressed with our files.
  • LPD Officer teaches Crime Scene Class at Fort Lewis: Detective Bryan Johnson taught a class for the 2nd battalion, 3rd infantry regiment at Ft. Lewis. It was a 2 hour course titled, "Crime Scene Response and Management" for an audience of over 70 soldiers, from the Commander down to all NCOs and lasted 2 1/2 hours. The training was requested to help the soldiers to have a better understanding of the procedures used when documenting and collecting evidence that will be used in a civilian legal proceedings.
  • Community Policing Teams to partner with PTSA: Dawn McGinnis, John Unfred and Lieutenant Heidi Hoffman met with the Clover Park School District PTSA Council this week to discuss how the Community Policing teams can partner with the PTSA membership in each district to tackle problems.
  • Officers train Library management staff on youth activity issues: NPO Karen Herritt and CSO Sandi Stauffer conducted training on January 21st for library management staff on issues relating to youth activity such as gangs and when/how/who to call for assistance in various situations.
  • Lakewood Police facilitate Neck Restraint training: LPD defensive tactics training cadre facilitated Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint certification for approximately 20 officers. The training took place through the Pierce County Cooperative Cities Group agreement. This technique is a vital and effective defensive technique that allows officers to protect themselves and others, even when possibly faced with larger, stronger suspects who are resisting arrest.
  • Recent Code Enforcement Actions: These actions are the result of joint operations with the Lakewood Community Development Department (Building & Licensing), the Lakewood Police Department, the Lakewood Fire District, the Washington State Labor & Industries Electrical Division, the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department, and the Washington State Liquor Control Board.
    1. Issued a Notice and Order revoking the business license for the Vagabond Motel, 10005 South Tacoma Way. This action was sought because of increasing levels of criminal activity occurring at the motel. The revocation has been appealed and will be before the City's Hearing Examiner later this month.
    2. Issued a Notice and Order revoking the business license for the Budget Inn, 9915 South Tacoma Way. The motel had high numbers of serious calls for police service. The owner did not appeal the revocation and as of this date, the motel remains closed.
    3. Closed the Sunset Café, 12826 Pacific Highway SW, for life safety, electrical, mechanical, building and health violations.
    4. Closed the Point Café, 8787 South Tacoma Way, for life safety, electrical, mechanical, building and health violations.
    5. Closed the Ko Ko Café, 8904 South Tacoma Way, for business license, life safety, electrical, mechanical, building and health violations. Business was recently allowed to reopen after all violations had been corrected and the owner agreed to a monthly payment plan for cabaret license fees owed to the City.
  • LPD featured in national newsletter PoliceOne.com: Lakewood's use of technology for its police facilities and equipment was featured in the January 27th publication of PoliceOne.com.
  • City Council wins Annual Chamber of Commerce Chili Cook-Off: Of 14 chili entries from around the greater Lakewood area, the Lakewood City Council reclaimed the top honors for the best chili. Colonel John Norris of our Community Connector Brigade (4-2 Stryker Brigade) poses with members of the council.