City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 11/21/08

November 21, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • Gambling policy included as AWC major Legislative Priority: The city manager participated this week as a boardmember in the establishment of AWC (Association of Washington Cities) priorities for the upcoming legislative session. Over 25 issues were debated and reviewed by five subcommittees of the AWC Legislative Committee. The proposal for cities' authority to zone or partially ban gambling facilities emerged as one of the AWC 7 major priorities.
  • DUI Victim’s Impact Panel awards Officer Dustin Carrell: Mayor Richardson will attend the annual candlelight vigil on November 21st in Fife to kick off the impaired driving emphasis for the holiday season in our region. The group will be honoring LPD Officer Carrell for his dedication and efforts in working to make our community safer.
  • Officers attend Active Shooter Training: About 30 officers from Lakewood, Fife and other cities in the Metro Cooperative Cities Group attended ten hours of Active Shooter training on November 19th at a training site sponsored by Clover Park Technical College. The training prepared officers for responding to an incident involving a suspect who is actively assaulting citizens with deadly force at a school, workplace or other location. The training included a classroom presentation on past active shooter incidents, police response and current tactics, techniques and procedures for resolving these incidents.
  • LPD Receives New Grant Funded Equipment: The Lakewood Police Department received the Monocular Night Vision Device F6015 Series that was awarded from the 2007 CEDAP grant application on November 19th. The equipment is valued at $10,000. This helmet-mounted equipment will be assigned to SWAT to assist in their low light operations.
  • Lakewood officers provide Thanksgiving meals to 18 families: The COPS (Community-oriented Police) unit of LPD, along with the Great American Casino and the Lakewood African-American Police Advisory Committee (LAAPAC) are joining forces to provide Thanksgiving meals to 18 families in need this Thanksgiving. The COPS unit reached out to the community to find the needy families, while the Great American Casino and LAAPAC are donating all of the meals.