City Managers Weekly Info Bulletin 10/10/08

October 10, 2008
To: Mayor and Members of the City Council
From: Andrew Neiditz, City Manager

  • SRO Program review: The city manager met with the Superintendent LeBeau, Chief Farrar, and CPSD senior staff this week to evaluate the first month of the new arrangement with School Resource Officers at the high schools and middle schools. Effective with this school year, Lakewood police officers are now working in an off-duty capacity directly for the school district, and have formed a pool about 47 officers for assignment to the schools. As a practical matter, about 10 officers serve each school so that there is more consistency to the service, and less likelihood of a school shift going uncovered. The new system appears to working quite well in spite of the initial administrative tasks involving all the officers signing independent contracts with the district. Most importantly, the feedback from the principals appears to be very positive.
  • Wapato Jail Tour: Police and Court personnel toured the Wapato Jail in Yakima County on October 8th, including Deana Wright, Chanel Pearson, Cameron Hines, Dottie Badgley, Suzanne Clark, Wes Morrisette, and Alexandra Kasuske. Wapato Sgt. Benscoter aka Scooter provided the tour, and a briefing regarding the future expansion for 30 additional prisoners, as well as the possibility of having a doctor on staff to reduce medical costs to contracting agencies. Lakewood contracts with Wapato for jail service and currently has 19 prisoners housed there, at a cost of $30 per day less than the County Jail rate, and with no booking fee. The City uses the facility for sentenced prisoners to minimize the transportation issue.
  • WFOA award. The Washington Finance Officers Association notified the city manager that Lakewood's finance manager, Mary Ann Norquist, was awarded the "Professional Finance Officer Award" this year. This award requires annual ongoing educational and professional excellence on the part of each individual and is not automatically awarded.
  • Speed limit on 100th near Park Lodge: The City will be reducing the speed limit on 100th Street to 25 MPH a short distance prior to crossing Gravelly Lake Drive (west bound) to prepare drivers for the reduced speed school zone in front of Park Lodge Elementary. This change is being done to be consistent with internal City policy on school zone signage and should be accomplished within the next two weeks.
  • WSH police team review: The Lakewood Police Department community policing team at Western State Hospital (police officer, community service officer, and detective) presented a progress report this week to the administration of WSH, the city manager and police chief, and Rep Tami Green, to document the successful implementation of the program and to ensure continued state funding. The hospital acknowledged improved safety and security for staff and patients, and the team has been positively integrated into the institution.
  • Fort Lewis and McChord AFB coordination. The garrison command staff from Fort Lewis and representatives of McChord met with the city manager and senior staff at City Hall this week to continue the on-going coordination of issues of mutual interest and concern. A review of the application for federal assistance from OEA (Office of Economic Adjustment of DoD) is a high priority in the areas of Transportation, Schools, and Housing. A presentation on the joint basing effort will be made at the City Council meeting on November 3rd.